Paracas Ponderosa
Paracas Ponderosa

Hotel Ponderosa Paracas

Hotel Ponderosa Paracas, offers you rest in a quiet place in our comfortable and fresh rooms will make you feel very relaxed and spend a pleasant night.

Hotel Ponderosa Paracas

In us Hotel Ponderosa Paracas, you will can rest in the comforts of a private room, in a cozy, Peruvian house. located in a charming neighborhood, a few blocks from the boulevard and the Chaco beach and best places in Paracas!.

Hotel Ponderosa Paracas.

this is not a hotel more, here you will enjoy a good attention a good breakfast and you can enjoy and know the Peruvian family and their and his daily life.

We have 3 double rooms comfortable and modern private bathroom, the room is very bright and well ventilated with high ceilings, we also have a room with 3 beds with shared bathroom.

You are our invite and you will feel as a family.

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